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Full Version: Arcanum Custom Dice Bag and Dice
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Over on the ZiLa-Games website, I have posted some pictures of the custom dice and dice bags that were produced for the Kickstarter campaign. I still have several of these left over. I will be selling them on a first-come, first-served basis. A set (i.e., a custom dice bag, and a 10-piece set of dice which includes three custom d6s with pentagrams on the '6' side) costs $40. This breaks down to:

$  7.10 for the set of dice
$25.00 for the custom dice bag
$  7.90 for priority mail shipping
$40.00 grand total

The post over at ZiLa-Games includes pictures of the dice bag and the dice.

If you would like a set, I suggest not hesitating. I do not think these will last very long. Smile