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Welcome to the ZiLa Games Community! (PLEASE READ THIS!))
First, let me say: welcome! This community is for people who are interested in:
  1. ZiLa Games (my little company)
  2. Arcanum: 30th Anniversary Edition
  3. Arcanum (other editions)
  4. Role playing games
  5. etc.
Now, obviously, the primary focus is on items #1 and #2. This naturally bleeds over into item #3, and to a certain extent, item #4. We will deal with item #5 if/when we come to it. The rules for this community are fairly simple:
  • Be polite. Treat this forum as you would if you are at a friend's house and you want to make a good impression. This means no name calling, or other abusive behavior.
  • No swearing. I was a sailor, which means I tend to drop F-bombs like they are going out of style. That said, I would like to keep the language here as close to G or PG rated as possible. I want this to be a safe place for people to come and exchange ideas.
  • Stay on topic. If things start to drift... then start a new thread. I think it is far easier to navigate boards like this if things are kept relatively orderly.
  • No spam. I was hoping I would not have to say this... but I have had a couple of accounts sign up and just post spam-links to porn and so-called 'hook-up' sites. I immediately ban these accounts and delete the spam. Do not do this, you will find yourself gone before you can do any harm to this site.
I will add more rules as needed. I am hoping that we can keep this list to a minimum.
-- K. David Ladage

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