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What is the worst thing that was changed in the 30th Anniversary Edition?
I am curious... what is the worst thing that was change/altered in the 30th Anniversary Edition (in your opinion)?

Nothing is off the table. If I changed it from the 2nd/3rd edition texts, then it is fair game!
-- K. David Ladage
I just bought five copies (4 as gifts to convince friends to play with me and one for myself). As it stands, the honoring of Sechi's request to keep the Druas out of it is the worst thing so far.

The Gnomes....the Gnomes. THE GNOMES!!!!! There is a disconnect between the two types of gnomes. I would recommend removing the +1 to Dex saves, lowering Dex max to 15, raise Str and Con maxes to 19 each if you're going to have them called gnomes when you have earth elementals called gnomes. After all, this is Arcanum, not D&D. Or at least have some "lore" reason why they share the same name. Something that makes them similar to explain the name.

Okay, that's all I can see so far. My biggest concern is the two types of Gnomes.

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