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New Lore
(01-14-2020, 03:59 PM)Thkaal Wrote: Alright, working on it.

Do you have a preferred art style?

Well, for now, this is your project. So do not worry about any art style I might have.

If this becomes something you want to publish, you can use the guidelines in the book as they pertain to the Creative Commons license. You can find a summary of this on page 4; you can find a detailed look at the license and what you can do with the material in Appendix G (pp. 351-353). If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask!

If, by some chance, this becomes something where you want to work with me in the development and publication of this material, then we can set something up. Right now, however, I am working on two follow-up books to Arcanum (i.e., Advanced Arcanum, and Arcanum Expanded Bestiary). My time is so limited, I have had little time to put into these two books... but once I get myself into a position to work on them with gusto again, I might be able to be persuaded to work with someone on an Arcanum-related book. Please note that when it comes to any artwork that would go into any book that was published for Arcanum under the ZiLa Games umbrella, that artwork will come from Cory Gelnett. As far as I am concerned, he is the art style for this line of books. Hope that makes sense.

-- K. David Ladage
Be sure to add spiders to the bestiary. Really hard to have spider familiars when they don't seem to be listed. Mentioned, but no listing.
(01-16-2020, 04:50 AM)Thkaal Wrote: Be sure to add spiders to the bestiary.  Really hard to have spider familiars when they don't seem to be listed.  Mentioned, but no listing.

  • p. 160 (Plague of Spiders, spell) describes the effect of dealing with a 100 × 100 feet swarm of spiders.
  • p. 260 (Plague of Spiders, bestiary listing) has the stats for a swarm of spiders.  This would be the listing for spiders.
There are even a couple of places where I discuss Iron Spiders, and spider venom. Given the entry on page 260, I do not think it is completely fair to say that they have no listing for spiders in the book. It is true that there is no listing for a single spider, by itself. Given the scale of Arcanum, a single spider (the largest of which has a body length of about 3.5 inches, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica) would not have much by way of stats at all. This is why they (and other vermin) are handled as swarms within the bestiary chapter.

But... I do include in the bestiary chapter a listing, and stats, for a Giant Ant, so a Giant Spider listing certainly makes sense.

Thus, as requested, please expect that to be found in the new book.


-- K. David Ladage
Ah, yes. Sorry. I'm looking at getting a hard copy because...well...Oh, I do have a tablet I can read it on. Anyway, working on that setting.
(01-18-2020, 03:57 PM)Thkaal Wrote: Ah, yes.  Sorry.  I'm looking at getting a hard copy because...well...Oh, I do have a tablet I can read it on.  Anyway, working on that setting.

No need to apologize. Hope you are enjoying the book!
-- K. David Ladage

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